16th International Symposium on Boat & Ship Archaeology

143 Zadar, Croatia | 26 September – 1 October 2021 Via Kornel - 3Design and prototype development studio Via Kornel is a technology company from Rijeka specializing in advanced 3D mod- elling, 3D reconstruction, 3D visualization, design and technical documentation, prototype development and model optimization for 3D printing or Computer Nu- merical Control (CNC) processing. During many years of continuous work, first as a team of independent experts, and now in the form of a specialized technological company for 3D technologies, we are able to develop and implement projects in multiple fields, including 3D modelling of ship structures and ship equipment, 3D reconstruction of historic vessels, and 3D documentation of traditional wooden ships and vessels, to include development of hull shapes and ship lines drawings. Additionally, Via Kornel provides services for optimization and refinement of 3D models with the application and use of 3D scanning technologies and photogram- metry. We are also able to optimize and prepare models for production using 3D printing technology (PLA, PETG & SLA technology) as well as model development using CNC machining (CNC laser engraving and cutting, CNC carving) and casting using silicone or fiberglass moulds. https://viakornel.com/?lang=en Niteh Ltd. Niteh focuses on the design, development, production, and marketing of com- ponents to optimize production processes. Through many years of experience in various segments of production and technology, we successfully market techno- logical solutions for a wide range of processes. Niteh’s flagship programs are de- veloped and supplemented based on the needs and wishes of our end users. In addition to individual components, we have the capability to upgrade and align entire systems in manufacturing, processing, and assembly processes. We offer solutions for all three production processes: production of raw materials, produc- tion of parts, and assembly. Niteh is a long-term partner with manufacturers of machine tools, process automation systems, cutting tools and equipment, meas- uring devices, and devices for monitoring the quality and marking of machined parts. Our partners are renowned manufacturers on a global level, and through the constant development of new products and technologies we have an impact on increasing their productivity and quality. https://niteh.hr/homepage-3